Self-scoring materials for Iowa Assessments are available through Purposeful Design.  However, please note that self scoring the Iowa Complete Battery is a very time-consuming endeavor that provides limited data that cannot be guaranteed for perfect accuracy. We highly recommend that you consider the machine-scoring option, which includes the ACSI Basic Scoring Package of reports with multiple student and group reports.

Please view DataManager student and group report samples, and learn about the available scoring packages here: ACSI/PDP | Iowa Assessments & CogAT DataManager Reports


Schools that do choose to purchase self-scoring materials instead of machine scoring will need to contact for ordering details. Instructions for self scoring are included in the front of the Norms and Score Conversions Guide.  Self-scoring materials are available as follows:

  • Iowa Form G Norms and Score Conversions Guide, Levels 5-14 (Grades K-8) 1698250
  • Iowa Form EF Norms and Score Conversions Guide, Levels 15-17/18 (Grades 9-12) 1718597
  • Iowa Form G Scoring Key Levels 5-8, Grades K-2 1698243
  • Iowa Form G Scoring Key Levels 9-14, Grades 3-8 1698244
  • Iowa Form E Scoring Key Levels 15-18, Grades K-2 1485830