Once you have completed your course and earned your Continuing Education Units (CEU), a completion certificate is generated.   See the options below to view, download or print your certificate.  The record of your completion is also logged in your VPP found in the Learning Credential Management System.  Select My VPP from the LMS main menu to view your My VPP.

Option 1 - Download or print after completing the course

You will have the opportunity to download the certificate at the time of completion.  Click on Download/Print Certificate to generate a PDF version of your certificate.


Completed certificates are also posted to your profile.  Select the profile option under your name in the upper right-hand corner of the LMS.  Select My Certificates under the miscellaneous column on your profile.  

Option 2  - Download or print from your completion email

You will receive an email once you have completed a course.  You will have the option to view or print the certificate from within the email.

Option 3 - Download or print from your profile

In the upper right-hand corner of the LMS, click the drop down next to your name to display the Profile option.  Select the Profile option.

Select the My Certificates link.  This link is found in the right hand column under the Miscellaneous category.  A list of your certificates will be displayed.  Choose the download option under the file column next to the certificate.

Option 4 - Download or print from your message notification from within the LMS 

In the upper right-hand corner of the LMS, the notification bell is displayed with a red notification indicator if you have received a notification.

Click on the bell to display the notification(s).  From here you can click on View full notification link to display the notification.

Once the notification is displayed, click on the link to view My Certificates.  A list of your certificates will be displayed