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One way to earn CEUs is through ACSI’s online learning platform ACSI Professional Development Online Courses (previously titled "ConNexus Premium Courses).
(Your school may or may not have purchased your access to PD Online Courses. Ask your administrator if you are unsure. If you would like to purchase your own individual membership please click here.)

After subscribing to PD Online Courses, here is how to access the site:

  1. Go to and click on Learning
  2. Your username is your school email address. Your initial password is your Practitioner ID (If for some reason this doesn't work, or you do not know your Practitioner ID please contact the ACSI Care Team.)
  3. Access 500+ hours of videos, which will be classified as either Bible, Education, or Bible/Education (those can count for either Bible or Edu.)
  4. Once a video is completed and you have marked its completion, credit will automatically be uploaded into your VPP (Virtual Professional Portfolio) account.
  5. On your renewal application check the option "PD Online Courses VPP" and we will know to look for those CEUs in your VPP account.

There are other easy ways to earn CEUs as well. If your school is an accredited member school with ACSI, that automatically qualifies them to be a provider, which means they may have opportunities for you to earn CEUs directly through the school. For example, if your staff has devotions each morning, your school can get that approved through ACSI as a course, and then your school would issue your CEU credit into your VPP (Virtual Professional Portfolio). To apply these CEUs to your certificate, simply check the box “PD Online Courses VPP” on your renewal application. If you need to earn Education CEUs, we also accept any state approved programs. So, any PD events that public-school teachers would attend to renew their credential would also be available to you as well. You would just need to submit a certificate of completion which you can then attach to your application when you renew.

If your school does not provide CEU opportunities, we have many other providers you can go through. You can email our 
CEU Coordinator at for the full list of our outside providers. If you go through one of our outside providers, you will most likely receive a certificate of completion, which can be mailed in with your application. Common providers that ACSI certified teachers use are: Ligonier Ministries, Our Daily Bread University, LifePointe Media, and Bible Gateway.

 Here are some good options for online Bible CEUs:

Here are some good options for online Education CEUs:

We have 2 types of CEU providers: inside and outside. Inside providers are ACSI (whether through our online learning platform ConNEXUS Premium or conferences/webinars we put on) and your ACSI member school. Any CEUs issued from an inside provider need to be uploaded into your VPP. The provider of these CEUs will upload them for you, participants do not upload their own CEUs. In order to apply these CEUs to your certificate, simply check the box for PD Online Courses VPP on the certification application.

The second type of provider is an outside provider. An outside provider is anyone who is not ACSI or your school but has gained approval through ACSI to issue CEUs. Any state approved PD program/event is also approved by ACSI, so any state conventions you have attended will count as Education CEUs. If you have earned CEUs through an outside provider, then your CEUs will not be uploaded into your VPP. You will need to obtain a certificate of completion from the event or course, which will then be uploaded into your renewal application when you are ready to apply.

 Fill out our Online Certification Application if you are interested in becoming certified through ACSI.