Common questions from Principles & Practices of Christian Early Education:  
  • Can I print one certificate that shows the full course instead of printing eight certificates? 
    • ACSI PD Online Courses does not allow you to print one certificate at a time. 
    • The system is designed to automatically award CEUs to the participant's Virtual Professional Portfolio (MyVPP) upon completion of a session. 
    • Save the PDF of your certificates to your computer and email or print them when necessary. 
  • I'm trying to log into my certification account to download my Principles & Practices certificates. It's asking for my name and SSN, but it's not working. What do I do?  
    • You will find certificates for each of the sessions in your secure online Virtual Professional Portfolio (MyVPP) found in the Learning Portal section of our web site. 
    • The Certification portal login is separate from MyVPP. Contact the ACSI Care Team for login assistance. 
  • Certification department says I didn't finish the course. I'm missing CEUs, but I watched all eight sessions. What do I do?  
    • Email a signed "Participant Verification Form – Premium View" to the Early Education Team
    • This form is on the last page of the "Principles & Practices Handout", which can be downloaded from the "Supporting Documents" section in the PD Online Courses link for Session 1.
    • You will be awarded an additional 0.29 CEUs to your VPP for the additional time invested in completing this. Submit this to ensure you have the full 1 CEU awarded for the course. 

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