Eligibility requirements:
Your institution must be accredited by a recognized (CHEA) accrediting agency, or, if not accredited by an approved accrediting agency, submit the following documentation to ACSI for evaluation and verification prior to membership approval:
  • Most recent institutional catalog
  • Proof of four years of existence
  • Proof of state, country, or provincial recognition as a degree-granting institution
  • Proof of faculty credentials and curricular credibility
  • Proof that credits transfer to fully accredited undergraduate or graduate institutions
  • Any other information deemed appropriate to assist in evaluation


1. To join, membership visit ACSI.org

2. Click on "Membership" on the top navigator bar and scroll down to click on "School Membership Applications." 

3. Select the Higher Education School application. You can complete it there and submit it electronically.

4. Payment for your application can be received by: 

  • Mail: A Check can be sent with your completed application 
  • Phone: We can process the payment via Credit Card or ACH 
  • ACSI Payment Portal: You can process your payment via Credit Card or ACH
  •  Your Application Process is Completed when:
  • You receive a confirmation email 
  • Your membership takes effect when your Membership Fee is "paid in full". 
  • Members will receive a membership certificate via Mail for proof of Membership

View in Web Browser: https://acsico.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/14000095674