1. Go to your myVPP to "Update Coach." 
    • Type the name of your Coach in the "Coach" field to populate. 
    • Select Save to assigned as your Coach.
  2. Once the Coach has assigned you videos you can go to your myVPP and view the assignment. 
    • The teacher must choose “YES” to the Terms of the Video License before the viewing
  3. Upon completion of the viewing, the Complete Evaluation must be done. 
    • Provide a brief statement about the viewing. 
    • When you have completed this, CEUs will be awarded to your VPP.


  1. The teacher must go to their VPP and select “Update Coach”. 
    • The teacher will type your name in the Coach space and it will populate. 
    • When they choose you and save, you are assigned as their Coach.
  2. Go to your “Coach” tab and click on the orange “Search” tab. 
    • This will give you a list of everyone who has chosen you to be their Coach. 
    • Click on the blue “View” tab to the far right of their name to view their VPP. 
  3. Click on “Find Your Premium Courses Now
  4. You are now in ConNEXUS Premium
    • You will see a list of “Channels” which categorize the video’s by subject/content. 
    • If you are looking for courses that will provide Bible CEUs, choose the “Bible CEU” channel.
  5. Choose the course that you would like to assign by clicking on the orange “Watch/Assign” tab.
    • This puts the viewing into the teachers VPP and they can view the video at their leisure.
  6. If you wish to return to the teacher’s VPP to verify the viewing is there, click on “Back to My


  7. You will see that under "Continuing Education" section the course has been assigned by you as the Coach

  8. You can assign a due date and add comments for the teacher by clicking on the tab to the far right of the assignment.
  9. The “School Admin” tab allows you to see all of your teachers' VPPs at any time.
    • Click on the “School Admin” tab 
    • Click on the orange “Search” tab and scroll down to see the teachers on your roster.
    • Click on the blue “View” tab to the far right of their name to view their VPP. 

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