Only individuals subscribed to ConNEXUS Premium are eligible to receive CEU credit for ConNEXUS Premium courses earned as a group.

How to Award CEU's for Premium courses viewed together as a faculty:

  1. Identify the courses you viewed together as a faculty and then assign the CEUs for those courses to your faculty members.
    • For Administrators: From the School Admin Tab, click the link to go to your Coach VPP.
    • For Coaches: From the Coach tab, click the link to go to your Coach VPP. 
  2. Now you will need to add courses 
    • Click on the blue "ConNEXUS Premium Courses" button to navigate to ConNEXUS Premium. Select a course from ConNEXUS Premium and click the green "Watch/Assign" button.
  3. From the Course assignment screen, change the "Group Viewing" drop down to "Yes" and click the "Group Viewing" button.
  4. A Group Viewing box will open. In this box enter the date the CEU was earned. You may also identify a Learning Objective for the CEU (optional). Now click the green "Record Course" button.
  5. Click the "Back to My VPP" button to return to the Coach Assignment VPP.
  6. Notice that the course appears on the VPP with a green "CEU Earned" icon next to it.
  7. Now click the blue "Assign Courses" button at the bottom of the VPP to award the CEU to your faculty members.
  8. Identify the faculty members to whom you wish to award the CEU and click the orange "Assign" button.
  9. Each faculty member will receive an emailed confirmation of the CEUs being awarded to them.

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