To view your staff's certification, 
  1. Log in to the Certification Review Portal with your certificate number as the User ID (XXX) and the temporary password (XXXX). 
    • Your temporary password may be changed to something more memorable once you log in. 
    • Passwords must be a maximum of 10 characters, must begin and end with a letter with at least one number somewhere in between. 
    • It is recommended that individuals store their passwords in a safe place as most do not access certification review on a frequent basis.
  2. Once you log in to your personal account, you will have the ability to see your staff information by clicking on "View Teachers by School" towards the right side of the screen (see gray button in the screen shot below).
  3. If you find names of former staff members, print a copy of the list, mark out the names to delete, then scan and email us a copy. 
  4. The deletion of staff members has to be completed in our office. 
  5. If there are people who are not listed, if they have held an ACSI certificate but taught at a different school, we can switch the school info on their account. 
  6. If a person has never held an ACSI certificate, then he/she will be put on the Certification roster once he/she submits an application. (Please do not confuse this with the Membership roster because a person can be added to that roster without having/needing an ACSI certificate.) 
  7. ACSI has two rosters that do not "talk" to each other. 
  8. Once a person is added to the Membership roster, he/she will receive a Practitioner ID number. A Practitioner ID is NOT a certificate number. 
  9. A Practitioner ID is used for a person's CEUs earned that are stored in his/her Virtual Professional Portfolio [VPP]. 
  10. The certificate number is the number on the certificate once it is issued.
  11. For ACSI accreditation visit and annual reporting purposes, the Teachers by School report, which is accessible by approved personnel, is sufficient to complete the Certification Chart. 
  12. The Teachers by School report contains all relevant information, including: teacher/administrator name, certificate number, certification status, issue date, expiration date, level, type, and all renewal requirements. 
  13. Teachers on this report whose certification status is “Current” are validly certified and no other documentation is required; however, teachers may print out their certificate if they desire to do so.