Purchasing FAQ "Philosophy of Christian School Education"

Christian Philosophy of Education Requirement

There are several options for teachers and administrators to use to meet the Christian Philosophy of Education requirement: 

  • The ACSI Christian Philosophy of Education Checklist: Both parts of this checklist must be completed by the applicant with applicant’s name and completion date verified by an administrator’s signature. This completed checklist is also worth one Bible CEU. We do not need your paper or lesson plans; those get turned in to your administrator who then signs off on the checklist that everything is complete. The signed checklist should be included with your certification application.
  • The ACSI Europe Online Module: Upon completion of this module, you would receive a certificate of completion that you can attach to your application. This module is also worth one Bible CEU.
  • ACSI HEAP Institutions: Each of our HEAP institutions have an approved course (or multiple approved courses). Some may only be taken as part of a degree program, but some may allow individuals to take a single course. Completion of the course would also count toward semester hours of college credit in education. You would submit an official transcript from the institution reflecting credit for the course. A full list of HEAP institutions can be found here: HEAP Institutions
  • Other Christian colleges and universities have approved courses through ACSI. If you believe you took a course that would fulfill the requirement, feel free to send the college/university name, course number, course title, and approximate year you took the course to certification@acsi.org. We are also always willing to review a syllabus for a course that is not yet approved.
  • NEW Our Daily Bread University: ACSI worked directly with Our Daily Bread University in order to offer a reasonably priced online module to fulfill the Christian Philosophy of Education (Our Daily Bread also offers many options for completing Bible CEUs). The participant will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course that can be attached to the application for certification. This module is also worth one Bible CEU.
  • Fresno Pacific University EDU 933- Biblical Worldview Integration: This course would also count for 3 semester hours of college credit in education. You would submit an official transcript from FPU reflecting credit for this course.
  • Bob Jones University ED 275 - Biblical Worldview in Education: This course is also part of the BJU Teaching and Learning Certificate
  • Each ACSI school has the option to design their own alternative model of the Christian Philosophy of Education. The alternate model must be similar in quality and quantity of content to ACSI's checklist, covering all required components, though schools would have liberty to determine their own resources, methods, etc. There is an administration fee of $150 to have your own course approved. The application to submit your own plan can be found here: Alternative Model Christian Philosophy of Education.