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  • Your profile may be accessed through the member directory and community rosters. You have control over the information others see on your profile.
  • The Privacy Settings asks you to set a wide range of permissions such as Picture, My Networks, Company Information, Job Title and Department, Address, Website URL, Phone, Email Address, etc. 
  • You can select your information to be seen by: My Contacts, Members Only, Public, and Only Me. 


  • In addition to Community Notifications, other messages are routinely sent to users. These messages - System, Community, Participation, and Promotional - will always be sent to your profile Inbox. By default, they are also emailed to your preferred email address. 
  • Select “no” below to opt-out of receiving certain emails per your preferences. You will always receive these messages in your profile inbox regardless of these settings.
  • Do not change your email on this screen. Doing so will change your email address for all ACSI communications. If you wish to change your email address please do this in "My Account" when you first login to under "My Profile".


  • Set your Primary Address for where you wish your Community Emails to be sent, how often you wish them to be sent and what Community Groups you want to receive notifications from.

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