Barcode labels are ordered in Iowa Assessments Registration for Machine Scoring form, see instructions below.  

  • If you select YES or UNSURE to ordering barcode labels, Iowa Assessments / Riverside will email complete information to you, then you can decide if you want to order them. 

All schools that will have their tests machine scored by Riverside/Iowa's Scoring Service must fill out the Registration for Machine Scoring form to register for machine scoring for Spring 2023 testing. 

  • View instructions for ordering your scoring services, visit Barcode Labels and DataManager setup. 
  • Open this link to access the Registration for Machine Scoring form:
  • Fill out the form and select YES (or UNSURE) to ordering Barcode Labels 
  • Use the scroll bar on the right to view the rest of the form and be sure to select "Submit Form" at the bottom.