1. Go to PurposefulDesign.com
  2. You can search by a "Key Word", "Product Number" or "ISBN Number". 
    • If you search by "Key Word", use one word at a time to search. 
      • If you are looking for "Language Arts: Grade K, Teacher Textbook" 
      • Search for "Language Arts"
        • Too many words can slow down the search and result in "0 results found
    • If you search by "Product Number" (SKU) or the complete ISBN including hyphens.
  3. To Search the entire series of a subject, select "Textbooks" from the top Menu
    • Select the Subject you wish to view
    • If you know what textbook(s) you are needing and are ready to purchase, select the subject, then for example: "Shop Language Arts Textbooks Now". 
    • If you wish to view more information about the textbook(s) select the Grade to view details of what is offered per grade level. 

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