1. Log on to your.acsi.org
  2. Click on “School Demographics and Roster” 
  3. Scroll down to see your staff roster.
    • If you need to change School Demographics (Address, contact information, Key Contacts, Enrollment Numbers, etc.) select the green pencil to display the School Roster and Staff Permission Levels. 
  4. To ADD a new Staff Member, click on the “Add New Record” button. 
    • To add a new staff member to your roster who already has an existing ACSI account, please call us to help you add this staff member correctly, so a duplicate account is not created. 
      • We will need their name, old email address and new email address. 
    • Once added, they need to initially log on with their email address as their username and then request a password reset email to set up their login.
  5. To EDIT an existing record, click on the green edit icon next to the individuals name.   
    • To edit a Staff Member's Name
      • This must be done through ACSI Care Team. 
      • Please do not change or edit a staff members names as this causes issues with our system.
    • To Change a Staff Member’s Permission Level (Please see attachment to see each Permission Description) 
      • Under ‘Permission Level’ click on the ‘Lookup icon’ 
      • When the ‘Look Up Records’ screen opens, 
      • click on the new permission level for that contact. 
      • Click “Select
      • scroll to bottom of box and click “Save” 
    • To assign someone as a VPP Coach
      • click the check box by VPP Coach. 
      • scroll to bottom of box and click “Save” 
    • To remove someone from your School Roster
      • Click on the button under Remove from School Roster 
      • Scroll to bottom of page and click “Save” - Refresh your page to see the update 
  6. NOTE: There will be a slight delay after each addition or adjustment is made to your staff records before you see them. Continue editing your roster as needed; there is no need to pause for a screen refresh between each update.

View in Web Browser: https://acsico.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/14000094284