Please note this update from our Textbook Development team: 

Important notice regarding Supplemental Editable Tests:

PDP editable tests were built to be run by Adobe Flash Player, which has now been identified as having security vulnerabilities and was not going to be supported by Adobe after December 2020. For this reason, your school may experience functionality issues when accessing or maneuvering through the tests in the PDP Elementary Math series and upper level Science series. We apologize for the inconvenience and will post alternative options as soon as possible.

How to Edit Tests:

  • Open an editable test from the Test Banks folder. Click on the page once to activate its interactive features.
  • Almost all the directions, exercise numbers, and exercises can be customized. Hover your cursor over the directions and exercise numbers; a shadow will appear if they are editable.
    • Click on the directions to make them disappear or reappear.
    • Click on the exercise numbers to remove numbers or to re-number.
    • Click on the gray box beside an exercise to show the answers. Continue clicking to cycle to an optional exercise or to remove an exercise. Click through until you have seen all the exercise options.
      • If you choose to remove an exercise, the gray box and a blank space will print in its place.
      • If you keep clicking on the gray exercise box, it will cycle through the same options again.
  • To move from page to page, click on the test and then click the corners of the page or press the keyboard left or right arrow key.

How to Print Tests:

  • NOTE: You can print only one page at a time. Also, you cannot save the editable test, so we recommend that you first look through the entire test to decide which exercises to select.
  • To print, click on the printer icon toward the top of the computer screen.
  • When the print dialog box appears, verify the following:
    • Comments & Forms field is set to Document and Markups.
    • Page Sizing & Handling field is set to Fit before you print.
    • Number of copies you want to print (be sure to print an extra copy for your files).
  • Click Print and print your student test page first.
    • If a dialog box appears that indicates a function is on to remove the white background, select YES to change the setting to OFF.
    • Continue printing.
  • Then click the gray box beside the exercises to show the answers, and then print the answer key for that page.
  • Follow the same editing and printing process for all pages.

Technical Support:

  • Setup (a one-time process):
    • Double-click on an editable test to open it.
    • Click on the first page to make it interactive. If a yellow bar appears at the top of the document, you must update or install Adobe Flash Player.
      • Click on the yellow Learn More button.
      • In the Flash Player Installs for End Users section of the Adobe Acrobat page that appears, follow the on-screen instructions to install the Flash Player.
      • Close the editable test.
  • Updates and Permissions:
    • Many factors may affect your ability to makes edits to the editable tests available in the Test Banks for Purposeful Design curriculum.
      • The editable tests use Adobe Flash technology and may need to be installed or updated with Adobe Flash Player on your computer. 
      • Check with your IT Department to ensure they have not blocked Flash from running on the school network. 
      • You could try editing the tests on a personal computer.
    • NOTE: These interactive tests DO NOT WORK on Chromebook. Devices must be able to run Flash