1. Log in to your.acsi.org
  2. Click on "Events" on the top dark blue ribbon
  3. You can Search our Calendar of Events or scroll down to see our upcoming events.
  4. Click on your Event to Register Online
  5. Click on “Register” 
    • Each event will have a brief introduction to the event and a registration button.
  6. Select "Register Online" to start the registration process.
  7. Choose from the following:
    • Register me
    • Register someone else (one or more, not including yourself)
    • Register a group (including yourself)
  8. Click on "Start Registration for the Registrant"
  9. Check the box next to the names of all of your registrants
    • Confirm “Registration Level” for each registrant
    • Click on “Next Step”
  10. Choose additional sessions, lunches, etc. per registrant if applicable (you can come back and make choices at a later date, if necessary)
  11. Review your order and click on “Checkout”
  12. Confirm Order Summary and Billing details 
    • Select "Change" under Bill to if anything needs to be changed. 
    • Select "Cancel" if you need to remove a registration.
    • Select “Click to Continue” to complete the registration.
  13. Choose your payment option and click "Next" to complete the process. You will then see your order confirmation. 
    • The registrant(s) will receive an email confirmation. 

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